About “A Knight’s Tailor”

Welcome to my blog, A Knight’s Tailor. This blog is connected to my main site skredderpunsvik.no, that for those of you not in the (Norwegian) knowing means “Tailor Punsvik”, Punsvik being my surname.
The point of this blog is to have a place to write more in detail about my sewing projects. I am educated as a woman’s tailor and I’m very interested in historical and traditional textile crafts. I design and sew some modern clothes but nowadays I mostly make stuff for myself and other reenactment and living history -enthusiasts.
And yes: several of them are knights.

The main site and Facebook page (Skredder Punsvik) are both in Norwegian, but since I’ll be more project-oriented on this blog I decided to do it in English. I don’t know how many times I think I’ve finally found right the resource about some historical piece of clothing – only to find it written in a language I can’t comprehend. As the reenactment community is wast and full of lovely people who’s published websites has helped me enormously over the years I wanted to at the very least make this as available as possible.
I hope you enjoy and do send me feedback if you have any.